Captured telemetry when the satellite was de-orbiting


QSL Card for decoding RS-39/ Chibis CW telemetry

Acknowledgement for participating in the ISS shadow experiment.

ISS Shadow experiment on 145.825 Mhz

QSL Card for Receiving CW Beacon from Niwaka

QSL Card from Masat-1



QSL Card from NASA for participating in the Juno Experiment.

Decoded the telemetry after much trying. I was using Funcube Dongle Pro + SDR# + Orbitron plugin + Preamp + Dude 5.1. Could not capture the screen shot as my PC hanged. The below screenshot is from the server where the data was sent.

Used 6 Khz bandwidth setting in SDR Sharp, frequency was 1600 Hz lower than 145.870 Mhz + doppler correction

QSL card from Sprout Team

Good Decode from Delfi-n3XT on 1-12-2014

9k6 Telemetry from qb50p2

9k6 Baud Telemetry from Mcubed


Telemetry from the Funcube Satellite

Fitter Message from Funcube Satellite

 Received the CW and packet  from CAPE 2 over India during the 09:11 UTC pass on Dec 12th.



1:Fm W5UL-15 To W5UL [15:49:32R]+W5UL,CAPE-2,0,GR,201301281952CST,5283mV,01002,0,23C,19C,

1:Fm W5UL-15 To W5UL [17:19:32R]+W5UL,CAPE-2,0,GR,201301281950CST,5242mV,01002,0,21C,19C,
1:Fm W5UL-15 To W5UL [17:21:32R]+W5UL,CAPE-2,1,GR,201301281952CST,5229mV,01003,1,23C,20C,
1:Fm W5UL-15 To W5UL [17:23:32R]+W5UL,CAPE-2,2,GR,201301281954CST,5223mV,01003,2,23C,20C,

VU3TYG-6 Satgate for APRS on 145.825 Mhz

SSTV images received from the ISS on 145.800 Mhz

Telemetry Received from Delfi C3

Telemetry decoded from MASAT-1

QSL Card and PIN received for decoding telemetry from Delfi n3Xt and Delfi C3 (DO-64)

Delfi-QSL Card

Received a unique QSL card for decoding telemetry from ARTSAT1:INVADER -CO-77. This QSL card is unique made of plastic depicting the panel of Cubesat in actual cubesat dimension.