A Five Bander Broadband Hex Beam for HF.

I had heard about the Hex beam antenna for HF bands and also had read the material available on the Internet but never had seen an antenna in action and being built. I was attending Cochin Hamfest in 2011 and saw the Hex beam being assembled by Prabha, VU2PBT and team. I immediately developed a liking to this antenna keeping into mind the ease of building and the suitable for locations like mine where there is lack to space on the roof. I spent significant time looking at the antenna and to understand how it was built. After the Hamfest I contacted Prabha,VU2PBT and he encouraged me to build the antenna and at the same time Siddu, VU3NXI and Kiran,VU3KLP were also planning to build a similar antenna, this was a good opportunity to share our experiences with each other as we started the project.

The first step was to make a list of all the materials required and this was easily available at the website of  G3TXQ . The Critical parts were the fiberglass tubes / Spreader , Base plate and the center post. Prabha, VU2PBT has shared with me the contact details of a fiber glass tube manufacturer at  Ludhiana in North India from whom I received  prompt reply to my email. I ordered the tubes with two spare lengths just in case if I have to replace the spreaders in the future. The spreaders arrived in ten days and was stored until I procure all the other material’s.

Siddu, VU3NXI helped me with two rolls of Dacron rope, P clips were done by a hardware shop near my house and chrome plated, i also used heat shrink tube on the P Clips, Suresh, VU3NXI helped me with the contact for the 6mm aluminium plate which was cut as per the dimensions. SS hose clamps for the spreaders and to hold the P clips were also procured,  To hold the center mast and the rotator I found SS Sofa set legs at a hardware shop near my home.  I wanted to use CPVC tube for the center mast with the coaxial running inside the tube.

The spreaders & Base plate was painted with Automobile paint to give the antenna a good appearance and for UV protection.  The wire elements for 20/15/17/10/6 meter bands was cut as per measurements provide by G3TXQ. The balun was procured from G3TXQ. An Yaesu G800 SDX antenna rotator was procured and Poru,VU2GGM has built a galvanized 18 Feet tilt over mast for the antenna.

Picture’s explain much better than words, the below gallery shows the construction of the antenna.

 My Son Arjun with the Cube sat Model which we built for his school project.

Arjun- School Project

Satellite Array for 2 Meters, 70 Cms , 1.2 Ghz and 2.4 Ghz mounted on a H Frame.

HF Tri Bander Antenna Installation

I was unable to install the Hex Beam antenna and choose the antenna made by Poru, VU2GGM. He was very kind to accept my request and delivered the antenna in a weeks time after placing the order. Started the installation of the antenna on  October 17th 2015 with the help and supervision of my good friend Siddu, VU3NXI and the complete installation was completed the next day. The antenna is tuning well on 20/15/10 meters and I am able to hear stations which I am unable to hear on my other antenna.