About VU3TYG

My name is Nitin based in the Silicon city of India, Bangalore, MK83TB.

I was interested in electronics from my early school days and tried to wire some simple circuits and build small projects and was introduced to HAM Radio in the year 1986 by Ravi,VU2UUZ. Started as a short wave listener using  Telefunken Radio, Akai AJ 500 FS (Boombox) and a Mitsumi signal generator modified as BFO for HF SSB reception.I have a great collection of QSL cards from broadcast stations worldwide.

Received the Restricted Class (Grade-II) Amateur Radio license in 1991 and was allocated the call sign VU3TYG.

My mentors during this time were VU2UUZ Ravi,VU2ACK Ashok ,VU2VWN Vasanth,VU2UCY Bhasi,VUPTT Prasad,VU2KOC Omprakash and VU2PAL Prof Hippargi.

I enjoy every aspect of Amateur Radio and have tried and experimented with most of the modes with a very minimal setup. I am regular at the Hamfest which are conducted every year in India and look forward to meet all those with whom I have spoken on the Radio. Radio Hams visiting Bangalore are welcome to contact me for a eyeball QSO.

    I am a member of Amateur Radio Society of India  and the Secretary of AMSAT INDIA.